Friday, January 7, 2011

Little painting

Dee, of allergen house fame, wrote a really super story about maps! I was so jazzed about it I made this little painting to go with the story. You can read the brief but lovely story about maps here. You can click his name to see some pictures he took.

I haven't been doing very many ink washes or watercolours for the past little while so it is kind of a pleasure to do. I also did my thumbnails in brushpen for the first time. Look how keen they turned out!

In other news, my blog looks like hell. Blogger has changed the image insertion thing and now when I align my images left all my text wants to line up beside them, like a magazine layout. I really dislike that, but fighting it means a whole bunch of soft returns and checking back and forth in the preview. SO, internet savvy readership, what should I do here? Is there a better template for me in the sea of hideous free templates? Should I finally switch to wordpress? Should I brush up on my CSS and try to sort this out myself? I am eagerly awaiting your advice!


  1. Switch to wordpress! So much easier to manipulate and make it look exactly the way you want!

  2. Hey Gaelle, do you use just one of the default wordpress templates or did you do something more complicated? Can you recommend a template to me?

  3. Hi! i answered on facebook!

  4. hi meghan,
    that's an nice story and a great illustration. i think you really captured the flavor. i was unaware that such a thing existed...probably since i can get disoriented in a shopping mall. i also have the same problem with blogspot and i have decided to leave the posts as they come out to save me some frustration...i guess wordpress is the way to go then?

  5. I love love that map/bed/book illustration. Excellent.


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