Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spirit animals

A lot of people have kind of animal characteristics. Not necessarily in that they look like an animal, but they have a kind of animal aura around them. A friend of mine is a bear I think, but she was surprised when I told her. Bears have a kind of particular significance for me.

I'm a penguin, I think. I have another friend who is a penguin too, even though we aren't really so alike. It's not really a personality type thing

I like small bird types the most.

More Harvest Moon

This didn't make it into the original Harvest Moon post. I guess it's like a blooper, except without newscasters getting hillariously injured.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Regret of the day

Today I regret not naming my blog the Fancy Adventure Blog.

Admittedly, I have so few adventures that this would likely be considered false advertising.

Special days of the recent past no. 6

Went to the Super Furry Animals show. Guess who got a setlist!

I wish I'd scanned this at some kind of wacky angle to make it seem a little more rock and roll and a little less like a .doc file.