Sunday, July 20, 2008


Today I am procrastinating, which means I've been looking at a number of things I previously had no interest in for some time. One thing I came upon is a project I did last year wherein I "creatively vandalized" all 199 pages of Canadian Living. (Click on the pictures to see quite big.)
I did the whole thing in various types of markers and whiteouts, which made it pretty sloppy to begin with and even sloppier over time - pages have stuck together, stuff smudged.

I kind of considered it more like a test of endurance and sort of a loosening-up than anything else. Since then I forgot like 90% of what was in here, but some of it is really quite unexpectedly funny!

Some of it is more like a pretty apt representation of how one might feel after any involvement with Canadian Living for this length of time.

I did a similar project more recently where I painted yeti heads onto the face cards of a deck of playing cards and then gave them to my classmates.

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