Sunday, July 20, 2008

Over a new leaf

I'm trying to get into drawing more places and spaces, as it's something I normally avoid pretty much entirely. Here's one.

In other news, the sketchbook in which I draw most everything (except the Special Days and small book entries) is now full. I'm considering trying a different kind - any recommendations?

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  1. I am pretty much a fan of the megadeluxe sketchbooks.
    Those Fabriano hardcover ones with the red dot things pattern on the front have great paper, open pretty flat and go on sale for pretty cheap every now and then at omer.
    Moleskines are nice and messy for pencil, perfect for pens, can sort of take gouache but bleed like crazy with markers.
    Robert Batemans are really great if you like coilbound things and they come in tons of sizes.

    Of course if you are truly awesome you will make your own, possibly with all different kinds of paper.


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