Friday, March 11, 2011


Ok, so after years of sort of aimlessly messing around I am trying to get hip to watercolor in a more serious way. I have swapped out all the semi-opaques and opaque colours in my palette for transparent ones, and I'm finding the results a lot more luminous! This was a gift for a friend and my first painting with the new colours. If you have any watercolor tips or tricks, send them my way why don't you!

I know you must be growing tired of these kinds of questions, but how on earth am I meant to get a watercolour to look good on the computer?! Scanning seems pretty hit or miss, and then even when I save for web all the colours look muddy once I get the image into my browser. Why why why? Help me, internet!


  1. Hello! I just found your blog and I absolutely love it! Your work is fantastic!

    Is the piece above what you consider muddy? I do a LOT of web/illustration/graphic work and would be happy to help with any tips and tricks!

  2. i find that taking pictures with a high res digital camera works best for watercolours. you still always have to adjust some hue/saturation/contrast stuff, but its the closest to its original in my experience. i like scanning for b&w though...

  3. ghost detective?! SO COOL

  4. Hi there! I just found your blog and I love the idea! Your hard work is fantastic!

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