Saturday, November 20, 2010

My First Website

The intensive I'm presently doing includes two Dreamweaver classes. As an outcome we had to make a pretty simple website, and I made this one! Don't worry about the video, it's mostly there to meet course objectives, although I'm told it's not totally uninteresting if you can sit through the whole thing.

UPDATE: The video page won't work at all! How'd you like that! Anyhoo, have a look at

I usually dislike making excuses for myself or what I put on the blog, but I can willingly acknowledge a marked decline in the drawings due to time constraints. I have projects due constantly, without exaggeration, and each is on at least this scale. I think this is a fine start though, and I hope I'll be interested enough in a month or two to go back and clean it up a bit.

ps: The mail form really works, so feel free to leave Phoebe your comments!


  1. I like that Phoebe had to get a rubber duck. Totally adding that to my next supply list.

  2. (Sorry, I thought Phoebe was the cat). And you are right, the video doesn't work!

  3. Don't be sorry, Phoebe is the cat! And yes, a rubber duck is one of the many things that will not help you make a website. I should know!


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