Friday, June 11, 2010

100 Hands Challenge

Somewhere along the way I got really sloppy at drawing hands. After a certain point I told myself that hands were something I "ought to know by now", so even though I lacked confidence in drawing them I just kind of carried on drawing them improperly rather than try to help myself improve.

With this in mind I've given myself a challenge for the month of June to draw 100 hands. Not 100 perfect hands, or 100 interesting hands, just 100 hands. My hands, other people's hands, hands from pictures, exercises on drawing hands, animal hands, Handy Snacks(tm), any kind of hands!

These are the first 29, with a few feet thrown in. Is there something you have been practicing, or a challenge you gave yourself? Would you like to start your own June challenge? Let's do it together! Send me a link or tell me all about it.

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