Saturday, February 6, 2010

Enough already, Bill Murray!

Me and Manny gave ourselves a Bill Murray challenge. I fancy myself reasonably good at likenesses, and even though I don't feel as strongly about Bill Murray as a lot of people my age do, I like him well enough.

It turns out I could use a lot more practice at drawing portraits, as I had a REALLY hard time with this. Me and Manny went a week over deadline, and now I think we've both had quite enough of Bill Murray. Whenever I feel intimidated by doing an assignment I usually make a comic about how much doing it sucks. It's a crutch, but nonetheless I made this comic about the finer points of drawing Bill Murray. By the time I got to the end I couldn't even figure out how to draw my own face!

Forgive me, Bill Murray! Scoot on over to Manny's blog to see how he did.


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  2. haha fantastic! kill bill ..long live robin :p!

    Love your Bill Murray drawings, makes wanna make one of my own (Why Bill, anyway?). See? I always followed, just silently before.

  4. haha, this made me laugh...the whole likeness thing seems quite the elusive...although in the end you did get a good bill and a good robin, who I never realized looked so similar...

  5. Thanks guys, I'm delighted and bewildered by the attention this is getting!


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