Monday, August 24, 2009

Special days of the recent past no.15

Messing around with photoshop, and a little with a new brushpen I ordered. I've still got a lot of wiggle on my brush lines. Anyone with any tips for photoshop or brush pen, or who can recommend a brush pen with a finer tip, please come forward.


  1. Hiiiiii!

    You captured Ponyo perfectly. Especially the part about the ham. I wish I could dance as good as you. Ok bye!

  2. I love these drawlings, and I love Ponyo!!!

    I can help you out with drawing in photoshop sometime if you'd like. What kind of brush pen are you using? Phil uses one that's really swell.

    p.s. do I spy myself illustrated in there?? Exciting!

  3. Ham!!! We want HAMMMMM!!!!


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